Origins of Ju-Jitsu

The origin of Ju-Jitsu is not clear, however the first publicly recognised Ju-Jitsu Ryu was formed by Takenouchi Hisamori in 1532 and consisted of techniques using a sword, Jo-Staff and Dagger as well as unarmed techniques. The Takenouchi Ryu may be regarded as the primal branch for the teaching of arts similar to that of Ju-Jitsu. Several hundred years later there was a general shift from the weapon forms of fighting to weapon less styles. These weapon less styles were developed from the grappling techniques of the weapon styles and were collectively known as Ju-Jitsu....

Fukuno Schichiroemon of Temba started the Kito-Ryu in the middle of the 17th century. The Kito-Ryu gained great prestige and popularity with its "Art of Throwing" and "Form Practice". In close connection with this branch was the Jikishin-Ryu, whose founder was Terada Kanemon, a contemporary of Fukono. They established two separate systems of Ju-Jitsu. These two systems appear to be the oldest of all the varied systems of Ju-Jitsu.

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