Strength Through Knowledge
Luck is for the ill prepared
Strength Through Knowledge
Strength Through Knowledge



The aim of Seir Yoku Ju-Jitsu is to install confidence, respect and self-belief in all of its students. Martial arts isn't about fighting, it's about building character. We are a progressive Martial Art, always looking for methods to improve our techniques. Come and have a look, everyone's welcome...



The origin of Ju-Jitsu is not clear, however the first publicly recognised Ju-Jitsu Ryu was formed by Takenouchi Hisamori in 1532 and consisted of techniques using a sword, Jo-Staff and Dagger as well as unarmed techniques. The Takenouchi Ryu may be regarded as the primal branch for the teaching...



Sensei Jason has been involved with many variations of Jujitsu since his early teenage years and has enjoyed bringing his own interpretation to the dojo. Sensei Richard has been an instructor since approximately 1912, whilst Lisa looks after the admin side of the club as well as being the head of the...

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Code of Honour

"I promise to uphold the true spirit of martial arts and never use my skills outside the dojo, except in self defence."